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Claude Bamberger Molding Compounds Corp.
Industry Leader of Purging Compounds since 1953

  Bamberko & Ultimax Purging Compounds are formulated to flow through extrusion barrels and injection cylinders without scratching during resin and color changeover. They can be used to purge all thermoplastics and will remove black specks, gels and carbonized residue from your processing equipment within minutes. Their fast action cuts your downtime by 75 percent and with a minimum amount of compound.

Claude Bamberger Molding Compound Corp

Our Purging Compounds are used in time zones across the world. First developed in 1953 constant improvements have been made to keep up with new technology and the demands of the plastics industry. Its our business to save you downtime and to help you prevent perfectly good materials from becoming scrap. Its our job to Get It Out of Your System!




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