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About Our Company

Claude Bamberger Molding Compounds Corp. has been an Industry Leader of BAMBERKO and ULTIMAX PURGING COMPOUNDS to the plastics industry for over fifty years. Today machine operators know how critical it is to save machine time on valuable equipment which costs thousands of dollars. By using Bamberko and Ultimax Purging Compounds, they can within minutes remove black specks, gels, color remnants from their injection molding cylinders and extrusion barrels and get on with the job quickly – whether it be compounding, making test pieces or switching to another resin or color. Bamberko and Ultimax also help to maintain the processing equipment and prevent costly breakdowns.

Our purging compounds were such a novelty in the plastics industry that many major manufacturers asked us to solve another problem – what to do with surplus inventory or second quality resin. Our company took on this challenge and in the 1950’s, it became again the first to develop offshore markets for the surplus plastic materials generated by the major resin manufacturers in USA, Europe and South America. By 1958, Claude Bamberger was recognized as “one of the biggest factors” in the then fledging plastics industry. (Journal of Commerce, August 6, 1958).

The company’s international business continued to expand in the 1960’s and 1970’s. At the same time, Bamberko Purging Compound gained acceptance in the overseas market. In 1973, Claude P. Bamberger International Inc was formed to handle exclusively all export sales. Rubber materials were now added to the growing list of new plastics materials. The company soon acquired a reputation for its ability to create new products for the obsolete or secondary inventories of exotic plastic and rubber compounds which the manufacturers wanted simply to “disappear” into non-conflicting markets overseas.

If you owned a Hula Hoop in the 1960’s, played with a Rubrik Cube in the 1970’s or wore a pair of Rubber Sunglasses in the 1990’s, in all likelihood the products you were using were made of plastics or rubber supplied by Claude P. Bamberger International Inc. (Modern Plastics, May 1996).

For a detailed history of the company, please read Claude Bamberger’s very entertaining book, “Breaking the Mold” (1996). Today, the company continues to work with producers of plastic resin and rubber to channel their surplus over-aged inventories and off-grade materials into non-conflicting foreign markets. The plastics industry has matured and our Bamberko and Ultimax purging compounds are now an indispensable part of processing and machinery maintenance.


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