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Don't Take Our Word For It...
  • "We have been using Bamberko Purge for over 20 years. We wouldn't know what to do without it!" - Prime Resin Producer, USA
  • "It used to take hours to make color matches. Today, with Bamberko Purge, I can do 70 color matches a day!" - Lab Technician, Sweden
  • "It's an indispensable super-scrub!" - Coating Resins Extruder, USA
  • "We were down for three days when I saw your website and ordered a bag. Within an hour, we were back in production!" - Injection Molder, Mauritius
  • "No matter how hard we tried, we lost many hours of machine time during color changeover. Now with Bamberko Purge, it take only minutes." - Sheet Extruder, Bombay, India

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