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Ultimax Purging Compound 9100
The latest in a long tradition of Bamberko purging compounds!
  • Hi-molecular ULTIMAX is formulated to purge all types of engineering and thermoplastic materials.
  • ULTIMAX will not damage or scratch injection cylinders and extrusion barrels
  • ULTIMAX is recommended for use in swift color or resin changeovers and to clean equipment of carbonized residue
  • ULTIMAX will not melt completely and is designed to purge hi-heat and high temperature engineering plastics and other difficult purging jobs.

You Cannot Afford
Not to Use it!

  • While purging compounds work best in a 350-450F (172 to 232 Celsius) range, ULTIMAX is designed for use in purging high heat engineering plastics in the 450-550F (232 to 287 Celsius) range
  • Compared to other purge compounds, ULTIMAX will clean equipment more quickly and more efficiently, resulting in a considerable saving of a manufacturer's 'downtime.' In most instances, it will work without the need to change temperatures. Read Customer Testimonials.
  • Produced from prime resin, ULTIMAX is recommended for use in FDA approved food contact items as well as for manufacturing medical products.
  • ULTIMAX minimizes unpleasant odors and fumes, making it environmentally friendlier.
Recommended Uses Acrylics, Cellulosics, Polyolefins, Styrenics & PVC Resins ABS, Nylon, Polycarbonate
PET and other high temperature
Engineering Plastics
Temperature 350-450 F
(176-230 Celsius)
400-550 F
(204-287 Celsius)

Suggestions for Purging Extruders

Suggestions for Purging Injection Machines


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