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Bamberko Purging Compound 9016
Thatís what our customers want ó to prevent blockage and to keep waste, black specks, color remnants and gels, as far away from their machinery as they possibly can.
Bamberko Purge 9016 is formulated to flow through injection cylinders and extrusion barrels without scratching. They are recommended for use in swift color and resin changeover and to clean machines of carbonized residue.

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Bamberko Purge 9016 is formulated to purge engineering materials, but will also work on all types of thermoplastic materials. This basic compound, produced by us since 1953, has been universally proven to be the most effective, economical and widely used purging compound sold on a world-wide basis.
Bamberko Purge 9016 will not melt completely and is excellent for difficult purging jobs and suited for all thermoplastic molding materials. It will clean equipment quickly and efficiently without the need to change temperature settings. Read Customer Testimonials.
Recommended Uses Cellulosics, Polyolefins, Styrenics & PVC Resins ABS, Nylon, Polycarbonate
PET and other high temperature
Engineering Plastics
Temperature 350-450 F
(176-230 Celsius)
400-550 F
(204-287 Celsius)

Suggestions for Purging Extruders

Suggestions for Purging Injection Machines


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